At Saratoga Abundant Life Church, we believe worship is one of the most important functions a believer in Christ can participate in, whether personally, or corporately.

Worship in not an option for those that call themselves Christians and therefore, we place our worship ministry as a top priority here at Abundant Life. Worshipping our God brings us into the presence of our Creator in such a way that we are transformed into his likeness. It is the place where we are able to see our life as God sees it, and through his help we can become all we are designed to be.

Worship is a place where the security of knowing our heavenly Father can draw the best out of each of us, because we see his care and power on our behalf. It is the place where we see him for who he really is, the most powerful person in the universe, a person who desires our best, and who is actively pursuing us with his Spirit.

Worship Team Leaders Left to Right:

  • Bryan Hanus
  • Steven Galarneau
  • Liz Grolley
  • Peggy Watson
  • Melissa Matthews
  • Kevin Newell
  • Dave Petralia