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Often we are convinced that the burden of someone’s choice to follow Christ rests upon us. This tends to stir fear and anxiety of a singular confrontation about one’s faith or belief in the existence of God or whether Jesus Christ was indeed who He said He was. The enemy loves to help us out by convincing us that being part of someone else’s story is not our responsibility or that we ourselves are not equipped. In this series, we look to let God’s Word, Testimonies and The Holy Spirit stir our hearts for those that are wandering in the wilderness, separate from the love and embrace we walk in on a daily basis. If we believe that our story has been inspired by Jesus, we should not hesitate to share it with those in our path regardless of their standing in society or accolades. God desires to reach All Mankind with His love and has chosen to use us to do it! What better time to see Jesus’ story impact those around us then at Christmas time!