Acting Out

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Just about every city and town you travel to has a church or multiple churches in it. The problem you are faced with, if you're like me when traveling, is which one should I attend this Sunday? For me, whether I’m traveling or at home, I want to attend a church that reflects the same values and passion that Jesus would appreciate. I’m not so interested in the style or methods of a service, though I do have my preferences. What I am really after is; if that church reflects the values of the church that Jesus started with the first disciples. This is why we are doing our series on the book of Acts called, “Acting Out,” as we are trying to see what the first century church had as their core values. It’s so easy to think we are biblical because we have done church for so long a certain way, but often it’s just tradition that we have grown accustomed to. This series may just surprise you as to the things the first century church learned as it started to grow and develop. May we see the values that Jesus put in place and make sure we are encouraging the same ones in our church.