Dan Sheehan

Lighting in the modern church is more than just illumination.  Our primary ministry is to “create environments” where people can meaningfully and intimately connect with God.  No pressure, right?

Dan and his team serve our church by applying the art of stage lighting design to our Worship Center.  Managing dozens of conventional lighting fixtures as well as newer LEDs and high-tech automated lights…they bring our theatrical productions and stage designs to life, make our concerts and guest speaker events extra special, and are integral to our Sunday morning Worship services here at Abundant Life.

This team would warmly welcome anyone interested in learning more about serving the Lord through the arts.  Lighting is but one component, and we’d love to share more about what we do to see if this ministry could be a place in which you could learn, contribute and grow.  And if you happen to have a DF-50 Hazer, any Martin Mac 2000’s, or Vari-Lite VL4000 spots you’d like to donate…you’ll quickly make “three new best friends.”


Lighting Team:

  • Dan Sheehan
  • Dave Steimer
  • Chris Coleman